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This page focuses on stories found in our app StoryPlanet English. To read sample stories that appear in StoryPlanet Deutsch, check out our StoryCorner blog page.

Three stories can currently be read for free in the app StoryPlanet English, all of them are roughly geared to B1 (Intermediate High) ESL/EAL learners. Learn more about these stories and read them in their entirety via the links below.

If you are an educator, we invite you to download our free Teacher’s Package to use with these StoryPlanet stories.

StoryPlanet stories in the free version of the app

StoryPlanet English story The Mystery Suitcase, Photo by Yun Xu TjymdpLMUCA
Chrissie takes on a dubious assignment: travel to Hong Kong with a mysterious suitcase for which she will be richly rewarded in cash. Will she succeed?

StoryPlanet English story Sister and Brother, photo by Martina Vitakova courtesy of unsplash
A dystopian adventure story about animal rights activists embroiled in an evil experiment that tries to separate them. Will their loyalty remain unbroken?

StoryPlanet English story shakespeares sonnet 29, Foto by Federico Respini
A paraphrased version of this iconic poem into the language a lovesick teenager might use on social media today: the Bard of Avon as relevant as ever.

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