Spinning straw into gold

Learning German may feel like an impossible feat to some learners. Perhaps they will sympathize with the poor miller’s daughter then, who is expected to conjure up piles of gold with a spindle. This beautifully illustrated animated video has been meticulously prepared for German learners with a wealth of accompanying classroom materials.

This teaser shows an excerpt from the 13-minute animation.
Subtitles can be turned on and off for different classroom activities.

“Rumpelstilzchen für Deutschlernende” is a simplified and modernized adaptation of the Grimm brothers’ fairy tale that’s true to the 1850 version line-by-line. The evocative illustrations provided by BAFTA award-winning Tim Fernée have a universal and timeless style, thereby appealing not only to children but all age groups.

The 13-minute video can be viewed in its entirety, or in four parts of approx. 3-minutes each. Seasoned German actor Jupp Saile narrates the fairy tale slowly and evocatively. You can choose whether you show the video with or without subtitles.

Comprehensive materials accompany the video, incl. editable Word files and sharable PDFs for classwork and homework. Choose between didactic packages depending on the learning level of your students:

  • Novice (A1-A2)
  • Intermediate (A2-B1)
  • Advanced (B1-B2)

Purchase terms

The video “Rumpelstilzchen für Deutschlerner” is available for an annual license fee that includes:

  • unlimited direct streaming for one year
  • comprehensive didactic materials tailored to the learning level(s) of your choice
  • live on-boarding webinar
  • pricing based on the number of learners in your class, school or district

Fill out our order form for a quote (no obligation to purchase). Get a discount if you order it together with our video “Rotkäppchen für Deutschlerner”.

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Educators in German-speaking countries

If you are based in Germany, Switzerland or Austria, please order order the video from our distributor, either via streaming or as a DVD.

Example of homework

German pronouns are a challenge for many learners, as spelling changes significantly depending on the case. Here’s an example of an exercise based on the fairy tale which helps learners practice the correct usage of pronouns.

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