At L-Pub we are driven by a passion to improve language learning with technology. We do this with a range of unique apps and other digital products for learners and teachers. What makes our products different from other offers?

The L-Pub Manifesto

  • We really care about content. Our team members come from a background of storytelling, language instruction and language learning. We know how important authenticity and creativity are in the language learning process, so we pour our hearts and souls into making sure our content is engaging, relevant and edifying.
  • We lower barriers. Learning a new language can feel overwhelming. The meanings of words can shift in different contexts, short interjections can alter an intended message, the tone of a text may be tricky to decipher. Our solutions focus on providing so-called “disambiguated” input, so learners can get quick orientation and make sense of the bigger picture.
  • We offer a safe space for learning. None of our apps or other digital offers contain advertising. We store no personal data of learners. We are intentional about being inclusive and empowering with the content we provide.
  • We are obsessed with user experience. We spend a lot of time working with learners and teachers, testing prototypes and fine-tuning our interfaces to make sure anything superfluous is eliminated and the journey of learning is intuitive and rewarding.
  • We believe in teachers. There is always a teacher behind every successful learner. Our goal is to support you in building up your learners’ confidence and skills. To do this, we provide you with extensively prepared materials that match our contents, reduce your workload and inspire you to engage with your learners in meaningful and participatory ways.
  • We know that every learner is different. That’s why we support them with countless opportunities to individualize their learning process. We also try to make as few assumptions as possible concerning what may be relevant to a learner at any given time, whether in the choice of context, difficulty level or individual vocabulary to focus on.
  • We hate boredom and monotony. So expect to be surprised from time to time! That said, we also highly value the need for repetition to help new knowledge stick. Our exercises are designed to become increasingly difficult as learners show progress and we are constantly improving the repetition system to support long-term uptake.

Explore our apps that support language learning

StoryPlanet Deutsch app for German language learning by L-Pub, Photo by Bruno Gomiero
Our reading app for A2-B1 learners of German as a foreign/second language.

StoryPlanet English App for English language learning by L-Pub, Photo by Eddy Billard
Our reading app for B1-B2 learners of English as a foreign/second language.

vobot German app for German language learning by L-Pub, Photo by Aldyth Moyla
Our vocabulary trainer for A1-B2 learners of German with English translations.

vobot Georgisch app for Georgian language learning by L-Pub, Photo by Giga Khurtsilvana
Our dictionary app to learn over 10,000 Georgian words with German translations.

Explore our offers for language teachers

Language Level Evaluator for analyzing language learning texts to CEFR levels
Our online analysis tool to help determine the difficulty a text. Based on official word classifications, sentence lengths, verb forms and other criteria. Available for German and English.

Rotkäppchen Video for German language learning by L-Pub, Illustration by Tim Fernée
What happened to grandma? A modernized version of this classic German fairy tale, yet also true to the original – for beginning to intermediate learners, including extensive in-class materials and homework assignments.

Rumpelstilzchen Video for German language learning by L-Pub, Illustration by Tim Fernée
Who is this disturbing little man? This classic German fairy tale has also been adapted and modernized for beginning to intermediate language learners, including extensive in-class materials and homework assignments.

Teacher's Area by L-Pub, Photo by Dmitry Ratushny
Get an overview of our offers for teachers, including previews, downloads and free trials. We want to make your life easier, while also inspiring you and your learners to discover languages in new depths.

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