Languages are at our heart. L-Pub offers mature technologies to support teachers and learners in foreign language acquisition – currently German & English, with tools for French & Spanish in the pipeline.

Our main focus is to lower barriers in the reading experience, giving learners individualized learning tips and providing teachers with the ability to create texts and lessons that are highly targeted to their learners’ needs and abilities.

We do this by transforming texts into data. This enables us to integrate targeted learning information into any text and also give instructors an X-ray view of the texts they want to use. Out of this, highly targeted learning materials can quickly be created, e.g. an exercise sheet based on a text about the Alps with the last letters of all adjectives removed (C-Test).

Use our products off the shelf or customize them to your requirements.

Individualized learning is disrupting the way foreign languages are read. Instead of getting stuck when they don’t understand something, learners intuitively interact with content to stay immersed in the reading experience.

Our products for learners & educators

All our products for learners can be used independently for self-study as well as interpersonally in the classroom. To learn more about our resources for in-class use, please refer to the Teacher’s Area section of this website. You will also find offers specific to teachers there.

Volume licenses

As an educational institute, you are responsible for a large number of learners, so it makes sense to look at different strategies for reducing costs. You can get significant discounts on our products if you purchase more than one license at a time.

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