Writer: William Shakespeare (paraphrased by David P. Steel)

CEFR Level: B1

Synopsis: Shakespearean English is not the easiest to understand, not even for a native speaker. We dared to paraphrase the Bard of Avon – to make him more accessible to your students. We chose Sonnet 29, using modern English to evoke a lovesick teenager, which might not be too far away from your students’ familiar world.

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Shakespeare’s Sonnet 29

 Chapter 1
There are times when I’m completely broke and I feel totally unpopular. So I just stay at home and mope around. Sometimes I try praying, but I don’t think anyone up there is really listening. Maybe God is deaf?

Chapter 2
When I’m feeling sorry for myself like this, I look in the mirror and curse my fate. Why me?! I envy people who are full of hope. I would probably be more hopeful, if I had beautiful features like Matt Damon, or if I had lots of followers like Billie Eilish.

Chapter 3
I mean, let’s be honest, who wouldn’t be stoked if they were as talented as Cristiano Ronaldo? Of course, I’d be chuffed if I had the means to do whatever I wanted like Bill Gates. It’s difficult to be happy about anything when I’m in one of these moods. Everything I usually enjoy just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Chapter 4
In the middle of all this self-doubt, sometimes my thoughts turn to you, just by accident. Then my sad state-of-mind is instantly cured. I feel like a lark awakened by the sunrise, suddenly flying up from the dark ground and singing beautiful songs in the morning sky.

Chapter 5
I have so many exquisite memories of your love – unforgettable moments no one can take away from me. All I have to do is remember them and already I feel richer than anyone on Earth. I’m so happy then, I would scorn the thought of trading places with anyone.

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