Writer: Leonore Kleinkauf                CEFR Level: B1

Synopsis: A dystopian adventure story about the siblings Linda and Rupert. They are animal rights activists who become victims of an evil experiment that tries to separate them. But they will let nothing come between them.

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Sister and Brother

Chapter 1
Rupert and Linda were siblings. They were also vegans and on a mission to save all animals held in captivity by ugly corporations for testing. Their next target: ULTRAMED. The corporation did tests on cute bunnies to turn them into huge, evil rabbits with red eyes. Although Rupert was usually 100% on board for their sibling heists, he had second thoughts this time: “I don’t want to be a killjoy, but we could get into trouble.”

Chapter 2
“We can always get into trouble! Isn’t that the whole point of doing something good in this evil world? We always know what we’re up against!” Linda was irritated. What had happened to Rupert? When did he become such a baby? He had been rather peculiar for several weeks now. He had become so needy, he would call her every hour for reassurance. And that was not reassuring to her at all.

Chapter 3
When they met the day of the heist and went through their plan again, Rupert wasn’t really listening. He had a vapid look in his eyes that Linda hadn’t seen before. He just nodded through the conversation and pretended to be all right. Linda was so excited about the heist that she didn’t really notice how his face had already started getting fuzzy. She just thought he hadn’t shaved that morning.

Chapter 4
The plan was to free the bunnies in broad daylight. They had only done it once before, but they wanted to do it again so they could capture it all on video. They walked down to the company building and passed a construction site. The workers ogled her legs as Linda walked past – or that’s what she thought. What the men were actually staring at was a big, evil-looking bunny walking right behind her.

Chapter 5
Still thinking the construction workers were being rude looking at her like that, she snapped at Rupert: “Put a little zap in your step!” It was only when she didn’t get any reply that she turned and froze. Rupert was furry all over. He had turned into a massive, evil-looking bunny. But she could still see it was him. Tears started running down her face and she put her arms around her brother and held him tight. She whispered into his ear: “We are going to make them pay for this!”

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