One of our core competences is the analysis of texts using natural language processing – whether for statistical purposes or for mining your texts to find specific content or features.

Besides introducing new publishing formats, the digital revolution also allows us to see texts not only as language, but as data, too. With the help of natural language processing (or NLP), texts can now be statistically evaluated and interpreted. But what’s the point?

L-Pub develops NLP components that provide content owners with valuable insights on the comprehensibility, legibility and linguistic features of their texts. At the same time, based on pre-defined parameters, your texts can be mined for certain terms or clusters of meaning.

Example of a text analysis report: words sorted by CEFR difficulty (A1-C2). Find out how many difficult words your text contains. The report can also be exported as an Excel file, e.g. to quickly create a glossary for your text.

Try a free version of our text analysis tool for German, the “Language Level Evaluator Deutsch Lite“.

Try a free version of our text analysis tool for English, the “Language Level Evaluator English Lite“.

What can your texts reveal?

Our NLP-based text analysis can provide you with a wide range of relevant information about your texts:

  • Statistics: Our software statistically analyzes your texts. Depending on your requirements, we can identify specified linguistic features within a text, and visually display their occurrence and form. The relevant features of the text are thereby displayed in a compact and clear format. For instance, let’s say you want to see only the verbs in your text which are in the past tense.
  • Text difficulty: We can provide detailed information as well as recommendations on the difficulty and legibility of your texts for your specific target readers. Is the text too difficult for your readers? Which words or constructions could be changed to improve comprehension? What other features of the text impact legibility? We can provide answers to these questions in a graphic analysis, or in an interactive, adaptable web service.
  • Search refinement: Our technical resources enable us to sort and process large amounts of text according to your needs. For instance, with semantic-based searches, we can identify subtle thematic links in large bodies of text, discovering new possibilities for cross references you can share with (or sell to) your customers.
Example of a text analysis report: sentence length analysis. We create a report detailing the number of sentences in your text, the average number of words per sentence and a statistical spread of the sentences according to sentence length. The report also includes a comprehensive list of all sentences sorted by length.


The Language Level Evaluator, or “LLE” for short, is a tool L-Pub has developed together with Ernst Klett Sprachen. As a service to publishers, we can analyze your English or German texts and give you a detailed report about their difficulty according to standard European parameters. This LLE-Certified report includes:

  • A list of all words categorized by level A1-C1/C2
  • The corresponding sentences each word appears in
  • An overview of sentences by word length
  • An overall score for the difficulty of the text

Use the report to better target your texts to a specific level or to quickly create a glossary of difficult words.

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