Are you an English teacher? Get our Teacher’s Package for the science fiction adventure story “The Green Glow” – available for free in the app StoryPlanet English from 15-26 February 2021. If you missed the deadline, you can still use the free Teacher’s Package, but your students will need to get a monthly or annual subscription to the app. The subscription is very affordable and well worth it! Ask us about our attractive offers for school volume licenses.

English Teachers,

From 15-26 February 2021, StoryPlanet English is broadcasting “The Green Glow”, a story about a boy from Lapland who has an encounter with an alien. It’s a fun and engaging adventure story which is available to read for free in the app – but only during these two weeks.

We’ve also prepared a comprehensive Teacher’s Package for the story, which includes exercises focusing on direct and indirect speech. Your time commitment is minimal, but your students will get plenty of opportunities to polish their use of direct and indirect speech. Plus, they’ll get exposed to lots of fun and relevant vocabulary – all in an engaging and suspenseful story.

Download the Teacher Package now here for free!

The package includes:

  • A Teacher’s Guide with inspiration for how to use the resources.
  • A pre-assignment idea for your students before they read the story (in English or German).
  • An assignment for your students connected to reading the story itself (in English and German).
  • The full story text with highlighting so you can see at a glance what sections your students will be focusing on for their assignment.
  • A vocabulary list with definitions in English for over 175 words and expressions (B1 and above).

Just so you know: the app does not have any advertising and it does not store any personal data from your students. The free version of the app gives them access to a free mini-story every week to read! Each story is only accessible for one week and then disappears when a new story is published. Reading is free, so there is no obligation from you or your students to pay any money. But the story “The Green Glow” is only available for free from 15-26 February 2021.

Ambitious students may opt for the pro version to unlock other functions, like looking up words, saving them to a learning list, doing exercises and unlimited access to all our stories. Pricing and license options for schools is explained in the Teacher’s Guide.

The newest version of the app also offers an annual subscription. Use these links to get the latest version of our StoryPlanet English app for Apple and Android.

Thanks for supporting us and sharing the news.

Your StoryPlanet Team


Photo: Ihor Malytskyivia