Creating and maintaining a well-structured termbase is the basis to a whole range of other products and services. L-Pub helps you structure it right and host it centrally so you can profit from having a “single source of truth”.

What is a “termbase”?

A termbase is essentially a terminology database, but may also contain images and audio, for instance. Typically, a termbase is like a dictionary which includes terms along with corresponding information like definitions, translations, sample sentences, synonyms, alternative spellings as well as links. The contents of the termbase depend on the available content and the desired use.

Why do I need a termbase?

Do you use a lot of technical terms on your job, or do your publications contain formulations that need explanation? Would you like to have access to consistent definitions and/or translations of these terms? Maybe you have already created a terminology, but is it updated on a regular basis and easy to access for all parties?

A well structured and properly hosted termbase allows you to provide your employees, customers and partners with easy access to highly relevant information.

Let L-Pub turn your terminology into a termbase so you can benefit from the following:

  • Web service: Your terminology can be made available to all internal and external users through a web service, which can be password-protected.Leaving some content visible (before a login barrier) can be helpful to raise the ranking of your website for your industry-specific terms (i.e. SEO).
  • User administration: You can define a group of users with editing rights on a system provided by L-Pub. Editors can expand and correct the terminology as needed.
  • Centralized administration: No matter where they are, all users have access to the same centrally administrated and therefore always up-to-date terminology.
  • API integration: Due to the flexible structure of our termbase, your terminology can be integrated via an API into your other text-based software platforms.
  • Text annotation: You can link words in your documents and books directly to the termbase. This enables you to create an interactive text with helpful context-based pop-ups.
  • App: You can also easily create an iOS or Android app from your termbase. Your customers or employees can then look up terms or memorize them using automatically generated exercises – with a design of your choice.

Where do the data come from?

Usually you will have a lot of the data already in some structured or unstructured form. We can help you collate the data using our text analysis tools. Basically, we will analyze your texts and extract all words that are not part of everyday vocabulary. In cooperation with you, we further narrow down the collection of words until we have a well-structured termbase with verified terminology. It is also possible to create a multi-lingual terminology this way.

Often L-Pub will also partner with a dictionary publisher in your field to provide a third party termbase on a license basis.

A termbase is not limited to text alone. It can also include pictures, graphics and video, as well as audio files like recordings of native pronunciation or music. Specific words or phrases of your text are then linked to the multimedia content in the termbase.

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Having a well-structured termbase opens the door to a host of other products and services. Get in touch with us to learn how you can benefit from our wide range of termbase services.