People buy your publications to deepen their knowledge in your area of specialty. Give them access to even deeper levels of knowledge by converting your content with L-Pub.

Whether your publications contain lots of technical terms, cross references or complex concepts, you should aim to satisfy your readers’ natural curiosity within your product itself. If they start looking up words on the internet or referring to other sources, they are no longer engaging with your product and you risk compromising their loyalty to your brand.

When you convert your content with L-Pub, you keep your readers on the page, offering them in-context information right where they need it – and expect it. Since the reader’s interaction with the information is user-driven, they only access your reference content when they want to, so it’s never in the way and the integrity of the reading experience is upheld.

Example of reference content: the pop-up opens when a word is selected and can include a text and a small image.

Why offer learning tools?

The demand for educational materials around the world is unabated. As a technical or specialist publisher with best-selling titles, converting them learning tools means you can:

  • Reach new audiences
  • Profit from the booking market for education
  • Meet growing demand for authentic contexts
  • Provide in-context exercises for discovery learning at the cutting edge of current technology

Learn more about the sophisticated learning tools on our page Adaptive learning.

L-Pub services relevant to specialist publishers

Text analysis: We can provide you with detailed information about the complexity and readability of your texts as well as enable you to create new text-based services based on the tokenization of your text. Learn more on our page Text analysis.

Termbase services: The content you currently may have in glossaries can be repurposed to create a variety of new products and services. The basis is the creation of a content-specific or subject-specific termbase. Learn more on our page Termbase servcies.

Automated learning: Once a text is annotated and a termbase established, it can easily be converted into a dynamic learning tool, using our series of automatically generated exercises. Take advantage of our software competence to tap into the booming education sector. Learn more on our page Adaptive learning.

White label software: L-Pub has a range of branded and brand-neutral software we are happy to adapt to your Corporate Design and/or integrate into your company IT-landscape. Profit from our deep competence in natural language processing to add value to your brand and product portfolio. Learn more on our page White label apps.

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