We’re revolutionizing the way people learn languages, by taking the power of cutting edge technology and infusing it with the best form of communication since the beginning of time – storytelling.

Learning a foreign language is rarely a linear process. There are a large number of variables involved, including the learner’s motivation and exposure to real language opportunities. In general, the four main building blocks of foreign language acquisition are listening, speaking, reading and writing. Technology-supported reading is where StoryPlanet fits in.

Why a diver’s mask as a logo? StoryPlanet is all about immersing learners in the language. We provide them with the tools they need to get the most out of the experience, without feeling overwhelmed

Dive deep into foreign languages


While reading comprehension is only one of the aspects of learning, it is a significant one for a number of reasons:

  • Pace: Learners can read at their own pace, so it is less daunting than listening or speaking, not to mention writing which is usually the last skill learners feel comfortable with.
  • Choice: Ideally, learners can choose what they want to read themselves, so they are highly motivated right from the start.
  • Confidence: Reading is a great way for a learner to expand their vocabulary. Learners will feel more empowered to speak when they have a secure hold on a larger set of words.
  • Passive learning: Reading exposes learners to lots and lots of language, helping them get a “feeling” for sentence structure, correct verb forms, collocations etc.

StoryPlanet is a platform for reading in a foreign language that leverages sophisticated backend technology to support learners when diving deep into a text.

The advantages of reading with StoryPlanet

Besides all the benefits of getting learners to read more, the main advantages of the StoryPlanet platform are:

  • In-context information: Learners get in-context pop-ups whenever they have difficulty understanding a word. The reference content they access gives them the correct meaning of the word as well as practical learning tips and lots of other useful information.
  • Personalized exercises: Any word or phrase the learner wants to commit to memory, they can quickly add to their personalized learning list. At any time, the reader can switch from reading to learning mode and practice the word in a set of automatically generated exercises.
  • Level-specific materials: All content in the StoryPlanet platform is classified by learning level A1-C2. That means, learners can choose from reading texts appropriate to their level: never too easy, never too difficult. We also make a point of offering readers both texts prepared specifically for their learning level, as well as authentic texts not written for learners, but appropriate for them based on our text analysis results.
  • Teacher materials: StoryPlanet includes resources for teachers too. From tips on how to use StoryPlanet with their students to lesson-ready materials ready to print and use in class.
Targeted in-context information: Reading in a foreign language with StoryPlanet has never been more fulfilling. Learners can look up any word they want simply by tapping on it. They get the translation, useful tips and, by clicking the plus symbol, can add the word to their personalized learning list for later learning.

Currently, the StoryPlanet platform offers only one German text as a free prototype for language learners. Once a representative selection of reading materials is available (across different learning levels and different genres), the full platform will be launched, with a payment system for purchasing individual titles or subscribing to monthly services.

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