Get a short chapter of a story everyday in the language you are learning. It’s free! Pay only if you want to add new words to your learning list and practice them in the same context.

Learning new vocabulary in a foreign language is always grueling. Especially if it is just a list of words without an engaging context. The passion that drives almost everything we do at L-Pub is enabling learning (or information discovery) in a meaningful context.

We started StoryCorner as a promotion tool for our vocabulary trainer app vobot, which helps people learn vocabulary in the context of sample sentences. But we wanted to expand that one-sentence context a bit further and embed those sentences in little stories. That way, the sample sentences got their own context which made them feel less abstract.

Learn a little everyday!

Language learners who sign up for StoryCorner get one chapter of a mini-story sent to them everyday with WhatsApp. Each chapter has a featured word which is aimed to be just a little more difficult than the others. This word is highlighted in bold and, if the learner wants, can be practiced in that very same sentence in our vocabulary trainer app vobot.

StoryCorner German: Learners get one chapter of a mini-story everyday in WhatsApp, with a featured word in bold they can practice in our app vobot.

Where do the stories come from?

All stories on StoryCorner are written by volunteers. Some are professional writers who are happy to contribute a story now and then, others are written by language learners and then corrected by a teacher or us before publication.

For all of the texts we receive, we always run a quick language level check. Based on a number of parameters, including vocabulary lists, we can quickly see if the text will be appropriate for beginning learners. We try to optimize the texts for learning levels A2-B1.

At L-Pub, we believe that by merging entertainment with education, learning can be made so much more fun – and effective!

Learn more about StoryCorner (also how to contribute stories!) on our website.