The world of L-Books at your fingertips. The full functionality of an L-Book only comes to life in an L-Reader app – either our own brand-neutral L-Reader or a white label version in your Corporate Design.

An L-Book is an e-book that includes in-context pop-ups with curated reference content and, if it’s an L-Book Pro, also automatically generated instructional materials. Since most e-reading options do not support these functions, readers will need to use an L-Reader app.

There is more to the L-Reader than only an app that supports the use of L-Books. Here are some of the main features it includes:

  • online reading on the website
  • offline reading with the L-Reader iOS or Android app
  • synchronization of reading location and learning progress between the website and the app
  • automatic updating of L-Book content or annotations, anytime significant changes are made that need to be pushed through to readers
  • purchase of new L-Books via the website
  • in-app purchase of annotation sets for L-Book enabled books bought elsewhere
  • additional learning and interactive features which are continuously being developed and added

In short, the L-Reader is an ecosystem for L-Books. The place they are read and used as well as discovered and bought. An L-Reader is password-protected, so the user can always be identified and their progress kept up to date. For content owners that also means there is an extra level of data security, protecting your content from piracy.

Reading and learning with an L-Reader: when the user selects a word, a pop-up appears with a descriptive text and the possibility to add that word to their personalized learning list.

The website is still in development. Sign up for our newsbrief and you’ll be informed once it is launched.

White label version

The code that runs our brand-neutral L-Reader, including the NLP-components and the automatic generation of exercises, can also be licensed and integrated into your own proprietary e-reading ecosystem or we create a branded version of our L-Reader for you. If you would like learn more about these options, please get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.