Our technology, your branding. L-Pub is well aware that many content owners are protective of their customer loyalty and may wish to provide our functionality in their own branded ecosystem. Everything is doable and possible.

Besides offering content owners the production of L-Books or individual services on a case-by-case basis, we are also happy to discuss creating versions of our proprietary software for you to operate and commercialize in your own name.

This white label software would be provided to you on license basis, most likely as an API-based package or a managed service. Whatever the model, we would include documentation, initial training, on-going support and regular updates.

Here are some examples of what these solutions might be:

L-Reader: Your customers read and buy L-Books in a platform branded to your company or organization. The branded package includes a website frontend for sales and reading, an android and iOS app as well as backend technology for synchronization of content between devices.

L-Book Builder: Instead of handing over your content to L-Pub to convert into L-Books, we can set up an internal system for you or your customers to create L-Books according to your specific needs. This could make sense for a large publishing house that wants to dedicate internal staff to L-Book production or for a self-publishing platform that wants to offer the production of L-Books as a service to authors.

Text Analyzer: You may have highly specific text analysis needs, such as a focus on identifying profane language or calculating translation costs based on a text’s proportion of unknown words. Talk to us and we can work together on creating a software solution well-suited to your needs. For further details on the kinds of features we could integrate, see our page Text analysis.

Termbase Manager: You may have a core business based on specific terminologies and would like a state-of-the-art way to manage and monetize them. Our cleanly structured termbase format enables multiple access points to your terminology as well as flexible utilization and a range of user roles. This solution could make sense, for instance, for a specialist publisher with unique set of proprietary terminologies, which you prefer to manage in-house and deploy under your brand.

Vocabulary Trainer: Our mobile and online vocabulary training software uses NLP-components for the automatic generation of learning materials based on existing texts and terminologies. This is an attractive solution for any business that needs to train staff on unique vocabulary or any content owner with specific terminologies that wants their own branded app. Learn more about our capabilities in this area on our page Automated learning.

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If you are interested in white label software from L-Pub, we are happy to discuss the different scenarios in light of your specific needs and budget. Please get in touch so we can start the conversation!